April 26, 2010

Cooking Time

The FAQ after i got you cook?

My friends and family curious and wondering about my domestic abilities. My brother, Emi have made a loud statement that among three of his sisters, he have not tasted my cooking. I guess he forgot about my spaghetti bolognese 2 years ago which like once in a lifetime experience. For my wedding he gave me cooking pot as a wedding gift... i love his dark humor.

But i don't blame them, i myself wondering the same things. In my entire life few had the privilege of tasting my cooking. Mostly i cook when i'm in love which is a rare ocassion. Now that i'm married and in love, yesterday, i cooked our first dinner. Lucky me, my hubby being very polite about it. Menu for our dinner 'soup sawi' and 'fried eggs with soy sauce gravy'.

Sorry guys no picture since the kitchen is in a little bit mess.

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  1. HI's a good start..keep it up..