September 28, 2009

Day 2 : Art for Grabs

Day 2 got a better and bigger crowd. In total i've sold 7 pairs of tatted earrings from 20 pairs that i made. It's good start for me. I learnt a lot from this gig and met so many creative individuals.

There is hotel guy who's interested in my work and he's looking for local crafters. Then there's a lady from a big fashion house in Kuala Lumpur also interested in my work and she's looking for a designer. Now they're designing leather accesories. I hope good things will happens, wish me luck guys.

Note to self :
  • Please bring along mirror so that my potential customer knows whether those earrings look good on them.
  • Business card
  • Wear dress

September 26, 2009

Day 1 : Art for Grabs

Dear friends, thank you for your encouragement and kind words.

I had great time there, meeting new crafter friends. They are all very supportive of each others. Really good crowd and great event. I sold 3 pairs of earrings, i'm so happy and not bad for a newbie like me.

September 25, 2009

Tatting & Garden Part II

Tatting & Garden is part of my tatted earrings collection for my first creative gig, Art For Grabs at Annexe Gallery this weekend.

September 24, 2009

Tatting and Garden

My mom's garden such an inspiration for my tatted earrings collection.

September 17, 2009

I Heart this Art and Craft Website

I heart this art and craft website :

Lion Brand Yarn

This website is a great source for beautiful pattern especially knitting and crochet. They have thousands of free patterns and this is such an inspiration to me. I love their flower motifs and amigurumi. I subscribed to their e-newsletters, became a fan in facebook and visited their blog regularly.

They have combined both of my favourite things, charity and craft with their 'Charity Knit & Crochet-Along'. I've followed their footstep and doing it locally with my bff, Betty. Right now we're crocheting caps/hats for orphan and cancer kids.

September 14, 2009

You Belong With Me

I just can't understand why did Kanye West did such things to Taylor Swift and stolen her most important moment at VMA. What West needs is a good spanking. My heart goes to Swift and in total support of her. She deserves the Best Female Video. I love 'You Belong With Me' video. Simple and yet you feel like watching a whole movie. Any girls could relate to that story and its reminded you of your school sweetheart.

September 13, 2009


For two whole day i was tatting day and night. But no workpiece really satisfy me so i guess i suffered 'crafters block'. So i went shopping with my boyfriend. I had a good time with him. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and life is so much sweeter after that. For us ladies, we never had enough shoes.

Then we went for our dinner to Tupai-Tupai Restaurant. The place was really packed. The food is really good and not too expensive. All bright and happy shiny people there.

After a really good day, now i crocheted a little flower and had some tatting design in my mind.

September 11, 2009

Art For Grabs 2009

Currently, i'm so busy preparing for Art For Grabs on 26 & 27 September 2009. This is an art and craft bazaar organised by annexe gallery. What is so special about this bazaar? You can get a good bargain where everythings going for under RM100.

Besides bazaar they have line-up interesting art events and among their invited guest and act are Nurul Izzah Anwar, Farish Noor, 15 Malaysia, Filmmakers Anonymous, The Lost Poets, Troubadours and many more. For further details please visit

I'm so nervous, this is my first experience participating as creative vendor in such event. I plan to sell my tatted earrings, a few of crocheted items and my framed works. Hope to see you all there and have fun.

September 10, 2009

August to Remember

My baby sister went through an operation when our family still in the mourning. Our family came together and being so close with each other during this hard time.

Syukur, her operation went well. While waiting for her in hospital, i crochet. It calms me during this hard time. Some of my works are here.

September 9, 2009

Daddy Dearest

Zakaria Hj. Long Kasim

1936 - 2009

It was such a beautiful Sunday morning in August, my dearest was laid to rest. Sunday is his favourite day. The day where he went to Sunday Market wearing his best 'baju batik' and buying all our favourite foods. Seeing his final moment was just so heartbreaking.

The most handsome, gentleman and funniest guy in my life. No more jokes and stories of 'orang kampung'. No one to to remind me to eat oranges. When i've problem in my relationship, he was the one to cheer me up. No one to treat me the best 'Nasi Beriani' in Temerloh.

Life will never be the same without him