September 28, 2009

Day 2 : Art for Grabs

Day 2 got a better and bigger crowd. In total i've sold 7 pairs of tatted earrings from 20 pairs that i made. It's good start for me. I learnt a lot from this gig and met so many creative individuals.

There is hotel guy who's interested in my work and he's looking for local crafters. Then there's a lady from a big fashion house in Kuala Lumpur also interested in my work and she's looking for a designer. Now they're designing leather accesories. I hope good things will happens, wish me luck guys.

Note to self :
  • Please bring along mirror so that my potential customer knows whether those earrings look good on them.
  • Business card
  • Wear dress


  1. kella,
    all the best for future my dear :)
    good to hear from u

    it is ok we learn something from each other,
    and always room for improvement.


  2. Congratulations Kella!! That's fantastic that you are doing so well selling your tatted earrings. I hope you continue to sell lots of tatting!! Have a great day!