March 27, 2009

My Experimental Journey with Knit Stitch

I've introduced my peach vest. It was actually my experiment with different type of knitting stitches and patterns. All in one vest.

Front, 3 types of stitches, namely rib stitch, honeycomb (cable pattern), braided (cable pattern) and garter stitch in between the cable patterns.

Rib stitch is just a simple stitch for waistband by working knit then purl alternately in one row. then on the next row, work in purl or knit as they come. It gives elasticity to the patterns.

Cable stitches is usually work with more than 3 needles. Unfortunately, i don't keep the original pattern of the cable stitches. But i've found honeycomb pattern in lion yarn brand website. I love their website and patterns. If you want the detail of the honeycomb pattern just drop me an email.

I chose garter stitch in between the cable patterns was to make cable pattern stands out. This is worked by making every row in purl.

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